Friday, April 18, 2014

History of Administrative Professionals Week!

Administrative Professional Week dates back to 1952. It was originally called National Secretaries Week. In 1981 it was changed to Professional Secretaries Week and finally in 2000 it was changed to Administrative Professionals Week so as to encompass the ever expanding responsibilities of administrative support staff. This event
is celebrated worldwide today. With flowers, candy and lunch at a restaurant the most common form of recognition given. This year Professional Administrative Week is April 21-25 with Wednesday April 23rd being proclaimed Administrative Professionals Day!

If you have an administrative person or persons who are responsible for much of your success call Chappell's Florist 658-4733 or shop us on line at We have a large selection of floral gifts or fine chocolate that will be perfect to say Thank You! for a job well done!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Consumer Awareness

This is part of an interview I did with Channel 3 on February 10th.

Rather you buy from Chappell's Florist or from one of the areas other fine Local Florist. Your best value will always be to buy from the local florist!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rose Color Meanings

We are often asked the meanings of the color of a rose so I thought I list the most common ones!

Red Roses: The red rose is the expression of love they convey deep emotions be it love, longing or desire. Red roses can also convey respect, admiration or devotion. A deep red rose can be used to convey heartfelt regret and sorrow.

White Roses: White is the color of purity, chastity and innocence. White roses are generally associated with new beginnings. They also can be used to convey sympathy and humility.

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses are an expression of exuberance. Yellow roses evoke sunny feelings of joy, warmth and welcome. They are symbols of friendship and caring.

Pink Roses: Are used to convey gentle emotions such as admiration, joy and gratitude. Like pink roses are indicative of sweetness and innocence. Deep pink rose convey gratitude and appreciation.

Orange Roses: This fiery rose signifies passion and energy. Orange roses can be used to express intense desire, pride and fervor. They also convey a sense of fascination.

Lavender Roses: This rose conveys enchantment. It also express "love at first sight". A darker lavender rose conveys a sense of regal majesty and splendor.

Mixed Roses: By mixing rose blooms of different colors purposefully, you can create a bouquet of emotions. For example a bouquet of red and white roses would mean I love you intensely and my intentions are honorable.

For long vase life display your roses in cool location out of direct sun light, Re-cut stems ends under water if possible. And keep vase full of water.

Chappell"s Florist has one of the largest selections of roses in the greater Burlington VT area and we would be glad to help you convey your feelings!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Real Local Florist is Your Best Value!

Consumers are relying on the internet for shopping more every day. Chappell's Florist has had an e-commerce site since 1998 and today it represents a significant part of our business. Unfortunately as e-commerce has grown in the floral industry it has breed what the industry refers to as deceptive order gatherer's. These deceptive order gatherer's advertise on the various search engines but they may use my business name and when you click on the ad you go to their website. Or they may have the ad say Burlington Florist Locally Owned yet they may actually be in Michigan! These order gatherer's will take your order and charge you a $15.00 to $20.00 service charge which they keep and it adds no value to the product you are buying. They will take this order and send it thru one of the floral wire services but only 73% of the order value is actually paid to the florist who fills the order. The wire service keeps 7% and they gave the deceptive order gatherer 20% for commission.

So how can you the consumer be sure that you are not being over charged and that you are dealing with a Real Local Florist?  Chappell's Florist is a proud member of . We are a group of real local florist who have united to develop a national web site that allows you to find a real florist in the city or town that you are sending flowers to. To be a member of this group the florist must prominently display their real business name, address and phone number on their homepage of their website. They must have a store front were they design the arrangement themselves and deliver the product to the recipient. They must also  offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And they can't practice deceptive marketing tactics! If by chance our map does not list a florist in the area you want to send to, but you find a florist listed on the internet call them to place your order, ask them for directions to their store or what type of flowers they have in their cooler that day. If they can not answer these questions than they are not a local florist!

Chappell's Florist was established in 1966 and has proudly delivered fresh floral arrangements and fruit & gourmet baskets  to South Burlington, Burlington, Winooski, Colchester, Williston and Shelburne Vermont daily. We also deliver daily to UVM, Champlain College, St Michaels College, Fletcher Allen Medical Center, Ready Funeral Home, Coburn & Palmer Funeral Home, Boucher & Pritchard Funeral Home and Elmwood-Meunier Funeral Home.